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Ektagraphic Narratives, 2020

Ektagraphic Narratives (13 min. 24 sec.) examines intergenerational trauma and the familial roots of gun violence. 

This video presents all of my family member’s stories as holding equal value. The tensions and contradictions remain, providing an unvarnished assessment of the ambiguities inherent within many families and the social and political insight that this view provides. The result is not a neat conclusion. The trauma remains. My goal within this work is to process my family’s past to help create a future that I am content living in.

Ektagraphic Narratives, 2021, Multiple Installation Views

Installation view:
As the video, 
Ektagraphic Narratives, is projected onto a wall, the Ektagraph Slide Viewer runs, and is controlled by the viewer. As the Ektagraph slide carousel rotates, the gallery visitor is confronted with the seemingly happy/content photographs while the video dictates another story, one marked by violence, abuse, grief, and disbelief. 

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