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Artist Statement

Beaudry headshot 4.JPG

As a woman who was raised in a highly religious and restrictive background, I make work that raises questions about perceptions of the body, family, and memories. I am continually deconstructing my religious past and the destructive effects of power and control within a family.

My work is primarily performance and sculpture based. Each performance spawns individual sculptures and artifacts. Much of this work illustrates an obsession with deconstruction and repetitive forms and actions related to what is often perceived as women’s work and beauty routines. My influences are the sacred and the shameful. The sources of my imagery have roots in 1950s nostalgia and bridge the gap between what are often seen as the “good ol’ days” and the present.


Many of my performances are based on memories I have of my mother and the feminine ideals she ingrained in me growing up. I am particularly interested in machines relating to femininity and beauty maintenance that on the surface appear fun and vintage while concealing a darker truth.  I transform these machines by exploiting their original purpose to an extreme through durational performances whereby I interact with the machine, requiring it to perform above and beyond its original intent. I work closely with the objects and interact with them as props within performance to uncover an object’s history and how it has affected my life and the life of those around me.

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